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Vastu Tips for Buying a Property

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Vaastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu science that is used in architecture and town planning. The term 'vastu' is derived from Sanskrit 'vasu', meaning Earth and the word 'shastra' meaning 'science'. This science describes the detailed methodology of designing and structuring buildings, buying land etc. for maximising benefits for the buyer, occupier. Vastu Shastra relies in harmonizing every real estate development with the five elements of Indian Mythology ie. air, water, earth, fire and space. The science is known to safeguard the health, wealth, prosperity and overall happiness and well being of individuals.

This traditional science has gained popularity in modern times and has become an essential parameter that is considered in real estate development, sale and purchase. Real estate buyers whether looking for industrial plots or residential plots, lands and built houses or corporate building stress on vastu while purchasing or renting real estate.

Since the principles of vastu shastra have evolved over years of experience of sages of India, they have proved to be very valuable for ensuring balance and harmony between man, nature and his buildings.

Various Lords and corresponding Directions
There are a number of Gods in the Hindu Mythology that are believed to govern various directions. If a property is purchased keeping these directions and vastu in mind, it will surely being benefit to individuals. These are:
  • Esshan i.e. Ishwar (North-east) - Believed to grant wisdom, knowledge and proving all comforts.

  • Indra (East) - Believed to be the king of devtas and provides wealth and all pleasures of life.

  • Agni/Fire (South-east) - Believed to grant a pleasant personality.

  • Yamaha or Yamraj (South) - Believed to be the God of death and also eradicating evil.

  • Nissan or Niruti (South-west) - Believed to vanish the fear of enemy.

  • Varun (West) -Believed to be the God of rain. He showers blessings through rain and is belived to bring prosperity and pleasure in life .

  • Vayu/Wind (North-west) - Believed to bestow long, healthy life to individuals.

  • Kuber (North) - Believed to be the God of wealth and comforts.. The above directions are considered while selecting a particular plot, land or structure, whether for residential or commercial purpose.
Vastu Tips for Real Estate
There are certain vastu parameters that one must consider while purchasing or renting commercial and residential real estate. Some of the basic parameters are:
  • Shape of the plot - A regular shaped plot or land is considered good. A square or rectangle shaped plot should be bought. Irregularly shaped plots should be avoided.

  • Ideal Plot/ Site - If purchasing a constructed house or building, it is best if the main structure is in the centre of the plot. In case of a rectangular plot, the structure should be near to the south, south west and west directions, while north and east directions should have open spaces. "L" shaped plots are suitable according to vastu as it signifies missing opportunities for owners and occupants.

  • Obstruction - Various obstructions such as big trees, pillars and posts, wells in front of the plot entrance should be avoided.
Vastu Checklist
Check for the following points while purchasing or renting commercial and residential plots, buildings etc.
  • Yellow colored soil is good for commercial lands as it is an auspicious color signifying increase in wealth.

  • Rocky land should be avoided as it is not considered good .

  • In case of buying a non- rectangular plot, make sure that South East and South West Corners have a 90 degrees angle.

  • When buying a constructed commercial or residential property, it is better to have a narrow main gate and a wider end.

  • Do not select a plot or constructed property with a well in the north or east direction.

  • Buy a plot that has the South and West part, higher than the North or East part.

  • A plot surrounded by roads in all four sides is considered quite auspicious.